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How To: Install an iSimple IS75 Polywire iPhone/iPod Hardwire Kit

In this ‘How To’ we’ll walk you through the installation process for installing an iSimple IS75 Polywire iPhone / iPod Hardwire Kit on a Harley-Davidson Road Glide. This is a relatively easy install and it should take approximately an hour to complete the job.

Iron Aces Speed Shop is not responsible for the operation of the iSimple Hardwire Kit or its compliance with highway regulatory and safety standards.  Please use common sense and do not operate while riding your motorcycle.  Doing so is at your own risk.

Tools Required

  • Allen wrench – 5/32″
  • 3/8″ socket
  • 1/2″ socket or T-40 Torx bit
  • Side cuts

Step 1

Remove seat.


Step 2a

Remove console.

Using a 5/32″ allen wrench, remove socket screw to release front of console from fuel tank weldment.


Step 2b

Using a 3/8″ socket, remove hex screw to release rear console bracket from clip nut on rear tank bracket.


Step 2c

Lay a clean shop towel on forward part of rear fender.

Press button to open fuel door on console.  Remove filler cap.  Remove console and lay upside down on shop towel.

Install filler cap.


Step 3

Gently pry fuel vapor vent tube from vapor valve fitting on top plate.


Step 4

Remove fuel level sender / fuel pump connector.

The next steps have the possibility of fuel draining from the fuel line.  Gasoline is extremely flammable and highly explosive, which could result in death or serious injury.  Wipe up spilled fuel immediately and dispose of rags in a suitable manner.


Step 5

Locate quick-connect fitting on left side of fuel tank.  Pull up on chrome sleeve and pull down on fuel supply line fitting to disconnect.


Step 6

Remove rubber caps to reveal two front fuel tank screws.  Using a 1/2″ socket or T-40 Torx bit, remove screw to release flanges from frame bosses.


Step 7

Remove plastic trim cover over rear fuel tank bracket.  Using a 1/2″ socket or T-40 Torx bit, remove two screws to release bracket from frame back-bone.

Remove fuel tank from motorcycle.

Make sure you take off any rings, watches, etc. to avoid scratching your tank.  Also, watch your belt buckle!


Step 8

Cut the zip tie that connects the top and bottom of the wiring tunnel.


Step 9

Remove the cover of the wiring tunnel by lifting from the edges, working from one side, around to the other side.


Step 10

Loosely run the iPhone / iPod Touch connector and 3.5mm audio jack up through the wiring tunnel to the gauge nacelle.



Step 11

Run the iPhone / iPod Touch connector wire along side the clutch cable and connect it to the iPhone / iPod Touch.


Step 12

Fish a running wire (red wire shown below) from the top of the fairing mount, downward, and exiting through the left wire opening of the fairing mount.  Connect the 3.5mm audio connector to the wire fish, and gently pull back up through the fairing mount.  Connect the 3.5mm audio cable to the AUX input on the factory stereo.



Step 13

Adjust slack of both cables by looping them at the front of the wiring tunnel as needed, and use the included wire ties to anchor to existing cables / wires.


Step 14

Replace the top of the wiring tunnel by snapping it into place.  Use the included 13″ zip tie to secure the top and bottom of the wiring tunnel.


Step 15

Connect the Duetsch plug on the iSimple Hardwire Kit to the factory accessory connector located under the seat and in front of the battery.

Step 16

Route excess wire appropriately to your application.


Step 17

In order to provide power to the iPhone / iPod Touch, make sure you flip the ACC switch on your dash to the ‘On’ position.


Step 18

Install fuel tank onto frame backbone aligning front flange holes with bosses on left and right side of the frame.  Be sure that ignition coil connector conduit exiting from left side of wiring trough does not become pinched between fuel tank flange and ignition coil bracket.

Step 19

Start front fuel tank screws.


Step 20

Pull up on chrome sleeves of quick-connect fitting and insert neck of fuel supply line fitting.  While pushing up on the bottom of fitting, pull down on chrome sleeve.  A slight tug on the fuel supply line fitting will verify that it is locked in position.


Step 21

Install two screws to fasten rear fuel tank bracket to frame backbone.  Alternately tighten screws to 15-20 ft. lbs. (20.3-27.1 Nm).  Install plastic trim cover bracket.


Step 22

Alternately tighten front fuel tank screws to 15-20 ft. lbs. (20.3-27.1 Nm).

Install rubber caps over screws.  Properly installed, relief on inboard side of cap is at the bottom and lip is inboard of frame boss flange.


Step 23

Connect fuel vapor vent tube to vapor valve fitting on top plate.


Step 24

Install fuel level sender / fuel pump connector.  For best clearance with cam ring, tilt connector at 35-degrees before installation.


Step 25

Install Console.  Proceed as follows:

1. Remove filler cap, if installed.  Exercising caution to avoid pinching wiring harness, fuel overflow hose and vent tube, position console on fuel tank.  Install filler cap.

2. Start socket screw to fasten front of console to fuel tank weldment.


3. Start hex screw to fasten rear console bracket to clip nut on rear fuel tank bracket.


4. Alternately tighten socket / hex screws to 36-60 in. lbs. (4.1-6.8 Nm).

Step 26

Install seat.

Step 27


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