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How To: Install the Alloy Art LED Front Turn Signals

One of the last modifications (ya’ right!) to our in-house Harley-Davidson Road Glide aka “Tigger” was to eliminate the ugly ass stock turn signals. I finally got around to getting a set of Alloy Art LED Front Turn Signals (click link to purchase). This was one of those last pieces I needed to do to get everything blacked out the way I wanted it and provide that clean look that we all like. Installation is pretty straight forward and should only take an hour or so. The biggest challenge is removing the outer fairing… which I absolutely hate to do on the Road Glides. (The Street Glides are so much easier)


A few things to note before you begin…

1. The stock signal bolts are too long. If you try to use them, you chance tearing up the wiring inside the new turn signals. You can either stack washers to make up for the space, cut down the stock bolts… or, replace them all together. I just replaced the bolts with grade 8 equivalents. I like this better, because the end of the bolts don’t stick out towards your fork lowers… Makes the look a bit cleaner.

2. These signals will only work as turn signals and NOT running lights. If you want them to work as both, you will need to get the Duel Intensity Module.

Official Lingo…

Alloy Art LED Front Turn Signals are a great solution for riders looking to replace the big, bulky front turn signals on Harley-Davidson FLH and FLT models. CNC machined from billet aluminum, these trick turn signals feature an injection molded polycarbonate lens and super bright LED output with a single-function design.

Available in your choice of black anodize with smoked lens or chrome with clear lens.

Fit ’98-’13 Harley-Davidson Road Glide; ’97-’13 FLHX / FLHT models and ’94-’13 Road King models.

Items you will need:

  • Wire Cutters / Strippers
  • Shrink Tube or Electrical Tape
  • Soldering Gun / Solder
  • Heat Gun / Hair Dryer

Optional Items:

  • Load Equalizer (otherwise your lights could flash very quickly as your bike thinks a bulb is out)
  • Duel Intensity Module (if you want the lights to work as both running lights and turn signals)


Step 1:
Lets begin by removing the stock turn signals.


Step 2:
Next, we are going to cut off the factory connectors. Be sure to leave enough wire so we can reuse these to finish out our new harness. The Alloy Art LED Turn Signals come with matching factory connectors, however they only come with two pins per terminal. If you plan on using these as running lights, you will need the third pin… this is why I just cut the factory harness and re-purposed it.


Step 3:
Now lets get these ready to solder to our Duel Intensity Module by stripping off the insulators.


Step 4:
Now that everything is stripped, go ahead and cut your shrink tube to length.


Step 5:
Make sure you place the shrink tube on the wires BEFORE soldering… this will save you from throwing an object at something that may or may not be breakable on the receiving end.


Step 6:

This installation was done on a ‘08 Road Glide. The pin-out for the factory connector is as follows:

Black: Ground
Violet: Turn
Blue: Running

(Other models may vary. The best way to determine the running / turn lead is to use a voltmeter and measure for 12v using the black wire as your ground. Turn your lights on… the lead reading 12v is your running lead, measure the other lead for a fluctuating 12v signal when your turn signal is activated)


Step 7:
Now that all of the soldering is done, position the shrink tube and use a heat gun, hair dryer, lighter, etc to shrink the tube and protect those beautiful soldering joints!


Step 8:
Next, we cleaned up the long wires with some zip ties. We could have cut the wires shorter, but I wanted to leave plenty of room should I change these out in the future.


Step 9:
Once the assemblies are setup, plug them into the turn signal harness and blend them into the factory wiring so they are nice and secure.


Step 10:
Install the outer fairing using the existing bolts or with new bolts. If you use the existing bolts, you will need to stack some washers to fill the gap. I used 5/16-18 grade 8 bolts (1.5″ long)… they sit within the fairing supports and offer a bit cleaner of a look.

Now we are good to go and the lights looks great!





1 thought on “How To: Install the Alloy Art LED Front Turn Signals”

  1. Andy says:

    This was super helpful through the whole install process. I installed similar Alloy Art LED turn signals on a 2012 Street Glide and it went without a hiccup thanks to this blog post. I also picked up the Custom Dynamics Eclipse 2 module from Iron Aces, great customer service and super fast shipping. The president emailed me twice just to check if everything was good and if I needed any further assistance. More seed all around, thanks again.

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