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The Adventures of Indiana Joe – Issue 03: Heorot

Heorot is a mead hall, described in the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowolf as “the foremost of halls under heaven”. It served as a palace for the legendary Danish King of the sixth century. Heorot symbolizes human civilization and culture, as well as the might of the Danish Kings. The movie, Beowolf, depicts Heorot as a hall of hedonistic debauchery.

do you think it is going to rain?

With that in mind .. I must also tell you that the “Heorot” is probably the most unique and absolute coolest Draught Pub in the entire Midwest. Located at 213 S. Walnut in Muncie, Indiana, it’s a three story authentically medieval hall adorned with banners & swords, wild game trophys, armor, weapons & relics, a huge Viking dining hall & furnishings, wooden floors & tables amidst beams & uprights, two fireplaces and Grendel the Dragon weaving in and out of the wall whose huge head snorts white smoke dragon breath with the push of a button. I suppose it’s most well known for it’s long wooden bar with almost 400 imported beers, 60 on tap at last count .. probably more now.

Which brings me to its owners, my dear friends Stan & Janette Stephens. Stan’s an old biker who has made the Heorot a great destination ride and popular watering hole for the many regular riders. He’d heard my stories and seen several pictures of my Sturgis rides (8 now) and just happened to mention that he’d never been there and would like to go next time around.

The plan was etched in stone and by the following August I had our reservations made. Stan was about to experience a real “Adventure” of his own. Little did we know, the real story would hatch from Cheyenne, Wyoming, where we stayed at the Rodeo Inn, across from the Outlaw Saloon, where “Backroads Band” kept us quite entertained in a packed house.

Since we had plenty of time to get to Sturgis, I wanted to take Stan on a great ride .. especially since we decided to add a few more miles to his 1979 AMF Harley, which only had 11,000 miles on it at the time. We could leave all our gear at the Inn and ride a 200+ mile loop and make it back to the Saloon by dark.

I had the route planned, anxious to leave around daylight .. and Stan’s only question was “do you think it’s going to rain?” Of course I didn’t .. why else would I insist that we leave all our gear in the room?

We headed up to Laramie on the 210, thru Rock River & Medicine Bow on the 287/30 .. and wouldn’t you know it .. ice cold mountain rain! Stan kept wanting to head back .. but I’m not one to turn around. I figured if we’re almost half way around the loop let’s finish it .. surely it would quit. I gave Stan a spare dew rag and a cheap little blue plastic rain poncho I had in my saddlebag .. that was the extent of our rain gear. We took the 130 south to the 230, over the Colorado line to the 125 and headed back up toward Wyoming on the 129.

We finally found a place to stop at Wood’s Landing. Soaked to the bone and numb with cold .. we saddled up to the bar and ordered double shots of Jack Daniels. Stan literally poured water out of his boots as he was shaking uncontrollably. I do have a sense of humor .. so I asked Stan “hey, do you think it will rain?”. “Fuck you!!” .. that’s all he had to say.

By the time it quit raining and dried up a bit .. the poncho I gave him was shredded and flapping in the wind .. it was such a hilarious sight I had my camera out and yelled at him “ya think it’s gonna rain?”. He just turned and stuck his tongue out .. I got the shot. It was one hellova trip by the time we got back to Indiana .. too many stories and characters to pass along now. In due time maybe.

The following Christmas, I presented Stan and Janette a huge barn siding frame outlined in barbed wire .. in the center of the frame was the 8×10 shot of Stan that day with his tongue out, bordered by 50 smaller pictures highlighting our adventure. The brass plate I mounted on the bottom of the frame simply said “Life .. has no fences”.

To this day .. I can ask Stan one simple question .. and I’ll bet the ranch I will get the same two word answer.

So Stan .. do you think it will rain?

Until next time .. ride smart .. ride safe

“Indiana Joe”
and the Adventure continues …

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