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Jac-Knife Highway Pegs

(20 customer reviews)

$199.00 $189.00



** Iron Aces Exclusive Product **

Jac-Knife Highway Pegs allow riders to position their feet off to the side of the floorboard for added comfort, especially on those long cross country rides. Easily concealed under OE Harley floorboards when not in use, Jac-Knife Highway Pegs compliment the Harley floorboard profile making it unnoticeable when retracted.

Jac-Knife Highway Pegs

  • Concealed under floorboard / virtually unnoticeable when not in use
  • Provides alternative foot positioning for comfort
  • Eliminates need of traditional engine guard highway pegs
  • CNC-machined of T6 6061 billet aluminum
  • Side kicker peg for easy extension with side of foot
  • Installation Guide included (see below for video install)
  • Not compatible with extended reach floorboards
  • Available in black anodized or chrome finish
  • Fit only OE Harley-Davidson Round, Standard or Swept floorboards (except ’14 & newer CVO Touring models)*
  • Sold in pairs
  • US Patent US7,497,291B1
  • Made in the USA

* Please refer to the 2nd image in the photo gallery to determine the style of floorboards installed on your Harley-Davidson to ensure proper fitment.  Iron Aces Speed Shop will not be responsible for shipping fees associated with returns and/or exchanges when the wrong style of Jac-Knife Highway Peg is ordered.


20 reviews for Jac-Knife Highway Pegs

  1. William (verified owner)

    Nice design! Very easy to install on my 2017 Tri Glide. I watched the install video first and was really hoping not to have to grind on my floorboards. Everything fit perfectly with no grinding. I did have to chase the ball plunger threads with a tap to get the chrome out of the threads and ream the mount bolt hole to allow the shoulder bolt to go through. But over all, really nice set of pegs.

  2. Valerie Beam (verified owner)

    I love the idea of the jac knife pegs. I have short legs so I have a hard time with pegs on the engine guards. I installed these on my bike and they are better than anything else I have tried. I wish they were an adjustable installation to where you could have the peg further back on the floorboard for us short legged people, but still like them.

  3. Mark Mintzer (verified owner)

    Love the pegs! I had an issue installing, not realizing that my floorboards had been replaced with extended reach boards. Because the extended boards were longer, the pegs didn’t have the bracing of the stock boards to stop forward movement. I thought I did something wrong on the install and emailed Lindsey. He emailed me right away and asked a few questions. Immediately he knew the issue. He offered to send me a shipping label and weld a brace on my boards to fix the issue and ship them back FREE OF CHARGE. Unbelievable customer service! I will look to Iron Aces for future purchases.

  4. Marion Reno (verified owner)

    I installed the pegs, easy install well built/engineered. Haven’t had a chance to try them because of living in Southwestern PA. And Lindsey is always great to deal with.

  5. Mike Saunders sr. (verified owner)

    I purchased these pegs for my street bob and really liked them , finally got’em for my street glide and couldn’t be happier. I wanna thank you for letting me know they were available and your personal touch Lindsey Trausch

  6. John (verified owner)

    Love these pegs for all of the reasons mentioned in other reviews. Well worth the money and Lindsey from Iron Aces provided excellent customer service.

  7. Russ Einwalter (verified owner)

    Just installed a set, Super easy I would recommend them to anyone. My only issue is the kicker peg could be maybe 1/4 to 1/2 inch taller but I’m sure I’ll get used to them.

  8. derekjfarrington (verified owner)

    Like the design of the pegs. Takes some time to get them set right. The kit comes with the gusset to reduce flex of the floor board. I havent taken the time to figure out how to fit these in but it seems I might have to do a little grinding/ modifying. I have swept boards on a 17 street glide. Overall a good product that allows you to ditch the ugly crash bar. As for Iron Aces, Lindsey was amazing to work with. I called needing the pegs in a day and a half and she called the supplier to determine if that was plausible. She then called back confirming, I submitted the order, got them in less than 24 hours, and she kept in touch ensuring I received them and asked if I had any questions. Looking forward to doing business with her in the future.

  9. N/A

    The jack knife highway pegs are a design innovative that is both highly functional yet unobtrusive to the look of the bike. Easy to install

  10. David

    I purchased these Highway Pegs for my 2014 Ultra Classic Limited. The quality of these pegs is amazing. They have a great fit and finish. The installation is a little time consuming but not too bad over all. They are well worth the money!

  11. Anonymous

    The first time I used the jackknifes it was odd after I used them for a short time I love them now

  12. jow

    These jacknife highway pegs are definitely cool and nice on the highway. But wen u have them folded in and are turning they scrape quite a bit not to happy about that .

  13. JD

    My last two bikes had them and I won’t go without. Perfect for the seating position on a large Harley touring bike Keeps great circulation and very comfortable ride Very highly recommended!

  14. Anonymous

    Ironaces you rock! Thank you for offering the jac-knife
    highway pegs, they are the most comfortable pegs I have
    ever used! Customer service was fantastic, can’t wait to do
    business with you again!

  15. Tim Crow

    Great alternative to foot pegs that mount to the engine guards. The kicker pegs work great to flip them in or out while riding and when closed there visually hidden. Easy to install, took me about 20 minutes on 1st one and about 10 to do 2nd.
    2015 RGS

  16. Anonymous

    As advertised, Crash bar GONE and the customer service is excellent

  17. Kelly Brown

    This product is as good as I was led to believe. I had my H-D dealer install these on my ’15 FLTRXS. I am enjoying them very well. Only issue I’ve had is tight fit between floorboards & pegs while riding. Excellent pegs.

  18. mike

    Took the crash bar off my street glide and wanted an option for stretching out during long rides. These combined with 3/4 inch floor board spacers were the perfect solution. Install was easy and they look great.

  19. Mark Keeler

    I could be a poster child for these pegs. I love them that much. I’m 5’10” and I didn’t want to stretch to reach pegs nor did I want to clutter up the clean look of my FLHXS with pegs that stick out from my bars. When you want them, kick them out. When you don’t, kick them in. It’s a thing of beauty. I was a little intimidated by the installation until I viewed and reviewed Nicks installation video. One step at a time and installation went very well. I went for a ride and noticed quite a bit of flex in the floorboard from the pegs. IMT does provide a small piece to install that eliminates this flex. I did not install this piece at first. I called Nick and he walked me through how this gets added and took the time to answer all my questions. These are well thought out and I’m extremely pleased with these pegs.

  20. Jason

    I left off my review until I returned from my Sturgis trip and had some honest ground to stand on in writing a review.
    These things are excellent. I am a fidgety guy and so I use these to supplement the pegs on the highway bars that I have as well they definitely did the trick.
    these are easy to install and easier to use. You can whip them out and fold them back in with your heel really quickly, they didn’t scrape at all when folded in and I’ve lowered my bike with the legend suspension… They will kick back if they’re out and you’re leaning, which is by design.
    I have a similar set of kuryakyn’s on my other bike and they’re poorly made and rattle a lot. These are solid, well built, compliments to your very expensive machine.
    when folded in, you wouldn’t even know they’re there.
    I’m going to buy another set for my other bike and I would absolutely recommend these to anyone.

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