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RAM Mount Universal X-Grip Holder

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(8 customer reviews)


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RAM Mount Universal X-Grip Holder features a clean, clever four leg design that sports tremendous holding power for virtually any handheld electronic device.  Compatible and interchangeable with a wide variety of RAM Mount products, the RAM X-Grip Cell Phone Holder is also compatible with all the Iron Aces Mounts.

Fit any handheld devices meeting the following dimensions:

  • Minimum Width – 1.875″
  • Maximum Width – 3.25″
  • Depth – 0.875″

Made in the USA.

*Compatible with the Apple iPhone 6 / 6 Plus.

8 reviews for RAM Mount Universal X-Grip Holder

  1. Alan Briggs (verified owner)

    This product meets and exceeds my expectations as a year-round writer here in California we do not get any extreme weather that’s why I say year round writer a little wetness a little rain what is that really the only water this product holds my navigation system it holds my cell phone clear line of vision doesn’t shake unsurpassed some of the kimchi holders that I purchased in the past I recommend this to everyone if you don’t have one Christmas is coming put it on your list Santa will send it to you wheels up rubber on the road enjoy

  2. Scott (verified owner)

    Great product unsurpassed service!

  3. Bunker

    If you want your cell phone secure, this is THE way! It’s a RAM x-grip without the ball so it’s mounts to the Iron Aces Mount flush. Great stuff and the best way I’ve found so far to secure my cell phone on the bike. As always, Iron Aces takes care of you before and after the sale. Can’t go wrong imo.

  4. Spike

    I love this product. Combined with the Road Glide mount I have the ability to use my iPhone 6 plus as a GPS and view real time video from my GoPro. I simply love how the whole system works. I did not use the stand off. I plan to use it in landscape mode all the time Thank you

  5. CooterB

    I installed the X-Grip on my Iron Aces Road Glide Mount also and it is a Custom fit using the center hole on the mount. Without the Standoff, the X-Grip is solid and does not rotate at all. A small dab of Blue Locktite on the locknut and it’s on until I want to move it. It holds my Garmin Nuvi or my Samsung Galaxy phone at the perfect field of vision right above the Speedo/Tach Cluster. 5 Stars for the product and 5 Stars for Iron Aces. Great Customer service and super fast shipping. Thanks, ER.

  6. MIlburn Beitel

    Just as it appears, fits great – works better. The little screws and large hands are sometimes a challenge.

  7. John

    I installed the universal X grip on my Iron Aces Road Glide mount and it has worked great. I can rotate the mount to hold my iphone in portrait or landscape orientation. It has a clean low profile look and it holds my phone very securely.

    I’ve had no issues with my phone rotating left or right as described by another reviewer. I followed the installation instructions (using the provided bolt and locknut) to attach the X grip to the Iron Aces mount. The other reviewer mentioned something about using tape to prevent cracking the plastic X grip cradle. I don’t see this being an issue. The device uses a locknut so you do not need to over tighten the nut, just get it snug and it will hold the device in place and not vibrate lose.
    I have not experienced any rotation of the X grip while it’s holding my iphone.

  8. JT

    RAM Mount makes many excellent products for use in a wide number of applications. I have a 2010 Street Glide so have the Iron Aces Street Glide mount. Excellent fit and finish and, more importantly, places GPS and other items within the line of sight for easy acquisition of information without unnecessary head and/or eye movement.

    I first purchased a GPS cradle specifically for the Garmin Nuvi 3790. It works wonderful with absolutely zero complaints. Since the mini-USB power cord also works on my Samsung S4 I thought it a good idea to get something generic that would hold both. I bought the RAM mount universal X-Grip. Of no surprise was it’s quality. Installing and using this holder resulted in less than happy results.

    Using only a single long M4 bolt through the center creates a pivot point. Crank down on the bolt through plastic and you risk damaging the X-grip. Instead, I placed a short piece of black electrical tape on the Iron Aces mount and poked a hole through it for the screw. Once mounted I discovered that the X-Grip, regardless of what it’s holding, will rotate about 10 degrees to the left and the right, about 20 total which is a lot considering there is vibration, bumps and such when riding a motorcycle. The is no way to “lock” it in place to keep it from rotating. Customer Service suggested that I center my items to keep it from rotating. Umm, no, that won’t work. In order to keep the Universal X-Grip from rotating once there is an item held in it’s spring-loaded arms, you have to rotate the X-Grip fully to one side then insert the idem to be held slightly offset with most its weight on that side to provide weight to keep it there. This leaves your item with a lot of grip to one side and little to the other. Keep in mind that volume control is usually located in the area where the arms contact the phone which will depict just how you mount it.

    That was my experience. I don’t knock the X-Grip for what it is, I just didn’t see it working for me and am requesting to return it.

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