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Scorpio SR-I800S RFID Security System




Scorpio SR-I800S RFID Security System is an economical, easy-to-use motorcycle alarm that provides solid piece of mind when you need to step away from your two-wheeled investment.  Featuring RFID technology (radio frequency identification), the SR-I800S Security System knows when the system remote is within range thus eliminating the need to reach for a remote to secure the bike.

Scorpio SR-I800S RFID Security System

  • Hands-free operation with a single-button, waterproof remote transceiver
  • Designed specifically for the motorcycle industry
  • Compact design (3-11/16″ x 2-3/4″ x 7/8″)
  • Built-in, programmable 120dB multi-tone siren with soft chirp
  • Manufactured to meet OEM specifications
  • Remote motorcycle finder / panic alarm
  • Sensor violation display
  • Smart battery safeguard with sleep mode
  • Built-in battery backup system allows siren to operate even if wires are cut / circumvented
  • Universal fitment*
  • Installation instructions

Optional Scorpio SR-I800S Upgrades

  • Factory Connector Kit* – model specific; include an OEM-compatible connectors
  • Ignition Disabler / Anti-Hijak Kit – disables electrical system; prevents “hot wiring”
  • Perimeter Multi-Stage Sensor Kit – detects motion around the motorcycle

*Compatible with any motorcycle but does require some cutting / splicing / soldering for proper installation unless a Factory Connector Kit is also purchased (see below).

**Factory Connector Kits are available for Harley-Davidson and Victory applications only.


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